Saxton Chandeliers

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White Elk Antler Chandeliers From New West Furniture

Our flagship product is our famously crafted antler chandeliers by designers Jesse Saxton and Brandon Powell. Recognized as today's best antler artists, Jesse and Brandon have first access to the largest natural elk, moose, and deer antler supply in North America and use a proprietary crafting process to create the world's most sought after antler chandeliers.

We create the safest and most realistic light cups possible, making your chandelier look as beautiful up close as it does from far away. Each chandelier hides a complicated wiring system while still maintaining the highest safety standards. All of our chandeliers earn UL Certification.

Saxton Chandeliers are more than just lighting - they are a piece of art and can be found gracing the homes of designers, celebrities, and even royalty.

Teton Collection

Wide at the base climbing vertically upward to a more narrow top

Yellowstone Collection

Shorter than the Teton style - carefully chosen antler are positioned to dramatically curve skyward

Moose Collection

Wide moose paddles beautifully diffuse the light

Special Collection

Special Editions, Wide Banquets, and Unusual Designs
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