Grand White Moose Chandelier

Wild West Designs Rustic Furniture Collection

Grand White Moose Chandelier Furniture
Grand White Moose Chandelier Furniture


Our Moose chandeliers are incredible pieces of art created from the very best naturally shed craft antler in America. The wide paddle shape of the moose antler acts as a wonderful light diffuser and creates a beautiful soft glow when viewed from below.

The Large White Moose Chandelier is a special edition of our biggest moose chandelier and features hard to find, astoundingly large moose antler paddles in a striking natural white color. We use a special process to manufacture the most realistic light cups possible, meticulously matching the natural colors of the antler to ensure your chandelier is as beautiful up close as it is from a distance.

*Installation not included.

*3 feet of hanging chain included with each chandelier.

*More chain available on request.


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