Little Yellowstone Chandelier

Wild West Designs Rustic Furniture Collection

Little Yellowstone Chandelier Furniture
Little Yellowstone Chandelier Furniture


Although this is our smallest chandelier, it still receives the same finishing touches that make all of our chandeliers stand out as the best in the world. This chandelier is a wonderful fit for smaller spaces like bedrooms and rooms with lower ceilings.

Crafted in the region near Yellowstone National Park from carefully chosen deer antler, the Little Yellowstone Chandelier features a pinwheel base and the highest grade, naturally shed North American deer antler. We use a special process to manufacture the most realistic light cups possible, meticulously matching the natural colors of the antler to ensure your chandelier is as beautiful up close as it is from a distance.

*Installation not included.

*3 feet of hanging chain included with each chandelier.

*More chain available on request.


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